Even with the sound of bombs exploding in the background

Imagine you are serving your country far from home. Imagine being in bed, and maybe, having lost a squad mate that afternoon, just a few hours before you went to sleep.

You’re under the covers. And the only thing you want to do is sleep, but that thought doesn’t leave…

A judge had freed him two weeks before he committed his latest feminicide

Imagine taking an Uber as over 14 million people do every single day. And imagine –by pure chance– sharing that ride with a serial killer.

That’s what happened to a 28-year-old woman who had the misfortune of running into Danueal Drayton, a fugitive who claimed responsibility for six murders.


17 years later, a radical breakthrough is on the road to revolutionize everything

In the early 2000s, two physicists at The University of Manchester came across a sensational discovery. In one of their Friday Night Experiments, they isolated an entirely new substance, almost as a joke.

It was a material with unique properties –the thinnest and simultaneously the strongest known to science.


From an internship to the exclusive circle of the most influential people in fashion in just three years

“It’s one of the most compelling business story of the latest years” –Financial Times

It was a family vacation day in Connecticut when Emily Weiss had the idea of starting a beauty blog.

She was exhausted from the current beauty scenario where brands dictated what beauty was.

The beauty conversations…

Eugenio De Lucchi

Eugenio is typing…

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